Anmol Chemicals is the pioneer manufacturers of Methylene Blue, Pharmaceutical Excipients Fragrance & Flavor chemicals in India. We offer Halal and Kosher Methylene Blue made in an ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 (FSSC22000) and cGMP certified facility. Our group has several manufacturing facilities spread across the world, supported by toll manufacturers and representatives in UAE, Europe, Africa, USA, China and has several associated manufacturing facilities spread across India. All the Information on Physics, Chemistry, Applications, Uses and Technology on Manufacture of Methylene Blue is in these pages.
The units have one or more of the certifications like FDA GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, REACH, Kosher & Halal

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Drum Packing Palletized Drum Packing Palletized & Shrink Wrapped. 25 50kg HDPE Laminated Bags. Exports to USA UAE Europe Tanzania Kenya Egypt Turkey Brazil Chile Argentina Dubai Methylthioninium Chloride BP Methylene Blue USP Manufacturers

Methylthioninium Chloride, Methylene Blue Pure & USP Manufacturers

Arabic ميثيلثيونينيوم كلوريد الميثيلين الأزرق مصنعين
Italian Metiltioninio cloruro, produttori di blu di metilene
Dutch Methylthioninium Chloride, methyleenblauw fabrikanten
Spanish Cloruro de metiltioninio, fabricantes de azul de metileno
English Methylene Blue Methylthioninium Chloride Manufacturers
French Methylthioninium chlorure, fabricants de bleu de méthylčne
Portuguese Cloreto de metiltionínio, fabricantes de azul de metileno
German Methylthioninium Chlorverbindung, Methylenblau-Hersteller

Methylene Blue Manufacturers MSDS

Methylene Blue Methylthioninium Specifications
Methylene Blue USP Methylthininium Chloride BP Manufacturers

We are one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of quality Methylene Blue. Methylene Blue is effective against superficial fungal infections of fishes. It is also used in medicine and pharmacopoeia. It is used in biological stains, tissue stain, microorganism stain finds application in stain, redox indicator, and injection.

It finds wide usage in textile industry for dying cotton, silk, paper, bamboo, weed and leather. These can also be used in manufacturing of paints. Following are the technical specifications of the Methylene Blue variety of basic dyes:
Physical Appearance: Powder with Dark Green Color and Copper Light.
Application: Used as an oxidation-reduction, adsorbent, and biological coloring agent. Also used for any type of fibre for the dyeing of cotton, silk, paper, bamboo, weed, straw and leather. It also finds application in manufacturing of paints and printing inks. You may visit Methylene Blue Uses.

Methylene Blue is also called:

Basic blue 9 (C.I. 52015)
3,7-Bis-(dimethylamino)-phenazathonium chloride
3,7-Bis-(dimethylamino)-5-phenothiazinium chloride
C.I. 52015
Methylene blue (C.I. 52015)
Methylthionine chloride
Solvent blue 8 (C.I. 52015)
Swiss blue
Tetramethylthionine chloride
Urolene blue

Specifications of Commercial Grade Methylene Blue are as follows:
Chemical Formula: C16H18N3CIS
Molecular Weight: 319.85 gm / mole
Chemical Name: 3,7-bis(Dimethylamino)-phenazathionium chloride Tetramethylthionine chloride
CAS Registration: 61-73-4
C.I No.: 52015
Appearance: Dark Green Crystalline Powder
Assay (as is basis): 80 % - 85%
Assay (on dry basis): 98% -101%
Loss on drying: 10% -20%
Solubility: Clear Blue Solution
Ash content: 1% Max
Residual Solvent: Nil
Aluminium: 100 ppm Max
Cadmium: 1ppm Max
Chromium: 10ppm Max
Copper: 50ppm Max
Tin: 10 ppm Max
Iron: 100ppm Max
Mangenese: 10ppm Max
Mercury: Nil
Molybdenum: 10ppm Max

Methylene Blue USP Manufacturers:

Anmol Chemicals
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Anmol Chemicals

Methylene Blue Manufacturers

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